Dine to Donate 07/2020

Dine to Donate

Dine to Donate 07/2020

Arni Cohen, founder of Arni’s Restaurants and Indiana Restaurant Association Hall of Fame member, was well-known for his long history of community involvement and we are proud to honor his legacy by continuing to support many charitable organizations throughout our communities.

If you are looking for a donation for your upcoming event or silent auction, please follow this link for our guidelines on charitable giving.

Dine to Donate 07/2020


We are excited to assist you in raising money for your organization by providing your registered 501c3 with the opportunity to raise money through Dine to Donate events at our stores. We realize every dollar counts and we will do our best to provide a fun atmosphere, quality food and service to make a memorable and profitable experience for your organization. Here’s how it works:

  • We need 1 person (over the age of 18) in charge of the event from your organization to act as our primary contact. Name, number, and email will be required. This person will be responsible for date selection and communications regarding your event.
  • Dine to Donate events take place Monday-Wednesday, preferably. Once you’ve decided on a date for your event, let us know and if your date is available, we will get you scheduled.
  • Once your date is secured, your organization can then begin distributing flyers to your supporters.
  • We DO NOT allow solicitation or handing out of flyers during the event or outside the restaurant. We ask that all promotion is done prior to arriving at the restaurant.
  • The flyer must be presented at the time of payment to receive credit for the donation. Printed flyers and screen shots are both acceptable forms of submission. Once you’ve left the building you may not return with a flyer to apply to your bill.
  • Although groups may request to be seated the same section when booking the event, it is not necessary to receive the donation. We will do our best but may be unable to grant all seating requests.
  • Carry-out and online ordering (where available) may also be utilized for those unable to dine-in for the event. Let your participants know to bring their flyer with them to turn in when they pick up their order.
  • 20% of the pre-taxed discounted bill will be donated by Arni’s back the organization.
  • Your donation check will be mailed out within 1-2 weeks of your event. It is the responsibility of the primary contact to pass on the enclosed information to all involved with the organization.

In order to maintain the continued charitable efforts of Arni’s Restaurants, we ask that you and your organization abide by the above rules for your Dine to Donate event. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To schedule your event, or get further information at the following locations, please contact:

Indianapolis: Thresa Cannon, [email protected]
Greenwood: Chris Shadoan, [email protected]
Columbus: [email protected]
Brownsburg: Linda Lowman, [email protected]
All other locations: Liz Hahn, [email protected]

Dine to Donate 07/2020